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Frontiers in Built Environment


The DesignSafe cyberinfrastructure ( is part of the NSF-funded Natural Hazard Engineering Research Infrastructure (NHERI) and provides cloud-based tools to manage, analyze, understand, and publish critical data for research to understand the impacts of natural hazards. The DesignSafe Data Depot provides private and public disk space to support research collaboration and data publishing through a web interface. The DesignSafe Reconnaissance Portal uses a map interface to provide easy access to data collected to investigate the effects of natural hazards, and the DesignSafe Workspace provides cloud-based tools for simulation, data analytics, and visualization; as well as access to high performance computing (HPC). This paper provides an overview of the DesignSafe cyberinfrastructure and describes specific examples of the use of DesignSafe in research for natural hazards. These examples include electronic data reports that use Jupyter notebooks to allow researchers to interrogate data interactively within the web portal, computational workflows that integrate ensembles of HPC-based simulations and surrogate modeling, and the publication of field research data after natural hazard events that utilize a variety of DesignSafe tools. The paper also provides an overall assessment of current DesignSafe impact and usage, demonstrating how DesignSafe is enhancing research in natural hazards.



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