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Purpose: The purpose of this research was to examine associations among 2 separate Minimum Data Set-Home Care (MDS-HC) depression measures (the Depression Rating Scale [DRS] and medical diagnosis of depression) with billed antidepressant medications in Medicaid paid claim files. Design and Methods: The sample for this cross-sectional research included 3,041 Medicaid-eligible older adult participants in a Home and Community Based Waiver Program and used data from the MDS-HC, Version 1 and Medicaid Paid Claim Files. Sensitivity and specificity analyses, receiver operating characteristic (ROC) curve analysis, and t tests were utilized. Results: DRS scoring indicated that 15.4% of participants had behaviors indicative of depression, whereas 42% had a medical diagnosis of depression noted in the MDS-HC. Of those with a medical diagnosis of depression, 51% had a prescribed antidepressant medication. ROC analysis suggested that the DRS was a poor distinguisher of participants with and without a medical diagnosis of depression or prescribed antidepressant medications. Implications: Approximately half of Medicaid-eligible older adults medically diagnosed with depression were treated pharmacologically. Longitudinal research is recommended to assess responsiveness of the DRS over time to pharmacological and psychotherapeutic interventions for depression. © The Author 2013.

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