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We have measured the hyperfine-structure separations and nuclear magnetic moments of (2.70-day) Au198 and (3.15-day) Au199 in the S122 state, using the atomic-beam magnetic-resonance method. We also measured the ratios of the electronic g factor of gold to those of potassium and cesium. The results are, for Au198 (I=2), Δν=21450.7167(4) MHz, μI(uncorr)=+0.5842(4) nm; and for Au199 (I=32), Δν=10962.7227(3) MHz, μI(uncorr)=+0.2673(7) nm. The results for the g-factor ratios are: gJ(Au)gJ(K)=1.000504(2) and gJ(Au)gJ(Cs)=1.000381(2). These values yield the following hyperfine-structure anomalies: Δ198197=8.53(8)% and Δ199197=3.7(2)%. Second-order corrections to the hyperfine structure are shown to be negligible. The nuclear results are interpreted in terms of the shell model, with allowance made for configuration mixing.

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