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New alpha-emitting isotopes of erbium, lying near the 82-neutron closed shell, were produced by Nd142+O16 bombardments at incident energies up to 151 MeV. The nuclides studied and their alpha-decay properties are Nuclide Qα(MeV) Half-life Alpha branching ratio Er152 4.93±0.02 10.7±0.5 sec 0.90-0.20+0.05 Er153 4.80±0.02 36 ±2 sec 0.95-0.20+0.05 Er154 4.26±0.02 4.5±1.0 min... Alpha decay from erbium isotopes with Aobserved, indicating that the alpha-particle binding energies of these isotopes are considerably higher than those for the 84-, 85-, and 86-neutron isotopes. Alpha reduced widths, calculated from the results for Er152 and Er153, were found to be higher than the corresponding dysprosium, holmium, and terbium isotopes. Relative excitation functions were obtained for some Nd142(O16, xn) and Nd142(O16, pxn) reactions.

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