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This paper describes the basic design concept to design and build a type of spring water intake. The spring protection method bears similarity to a gravel pack well albeit constructed horizontally rather than the vertical construction of a gravel pack well. The design approach includes:

  • collection of spring water subterranean using the aquifer and surrounding soil to filter the water supply,
  • use of gravel pack to retain the surrounding aquifer materials and soil structure in place while providing an easy flow path for water to enter a slotted collector pipe and flow to a receiving tank without impounding spring water, and
  • protection of the collected spring water by covering the area with concrete to completely isolate the water supply from surface water.

Studies by the Clean Water Institute of Calvin University (CWICU) indicate that this method provides water deemed “No Risk” by the World Health Organization (WHO) in more than 50% of samples collected at the water intake prior to any disinfection. In comparison, no water samples collected from traditional spring capture methods achieved this designation5. This significant improvement provides motivation to disseminate information about this method to promote wider use.

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