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The Center for Public Justice Hatfield Prize


The Center for Public Justice (CPJ) is thrilled to introduce this year’s Hatfield Prize reports! We want to thank Kailani West (‘23 Multnomah University), Adriana Cisneros Emerson (‘23 LeTourneau University), and Emily Steen (‘23 Calvin University) for their dedicated efforts in researching and writing these reports. We would also like to extend our thanks to Greg Burch, Ph.D., Isabella Cavalcanti Junqueira, Ph.D., and Mark Mulder, Ph.D. for their valuable guidance and support.

Kailani, Adriana, and Emily examine and explore how the government and surrounding institutions can better support efforts on WIC access for immigrant women and children in the Rockwood community of Oregon, prevention and aftercare for human trafficking survivors in East Texas, and the barriers to reentry for formerly incarcerated people in Western Michigan.

The reports positively contribute to social policy conversations centered around the flourishing of children, teenagers, families, and especially vulnerable and disadvantaged groups or individuals. By integrating faith-based concepts and principles with comprehensive research, these research teams outline practical recommendations to government and civil society on how they can better promote human flourishing.

The Hatfield Prize is awarded annually to three student-faculty pairs. Recipients conduct research on social policies that impact vulnerable children, families, and communities, and explore the impact of these policies in their local communities. This semester-long research project culminates in three policy reports that make recommendations for both government and civil society institutions in contributing to policies that promote flourishing communities. The Prize honors the legacy of the late Senator Mark O. Hatfield, who served as a United States senator from Oregon for three decades. Hatfield was known for his principled Christian faith and for his commitment to working across differences to find common ground.

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