The Practice of Virtue Driven GIScience


Jason VanHorn

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Christians in GIS


Ethics in GIS has become a hot topic in recent years. From conversations guided by EthicalGEO to the American Association of Geographer’s initiatives to implement locational data ethics in the classroom to conferences such as AutoCarto2022’s focused theme Ethics in Mapping: Integrity, Inclusion, and Empathy, GIS practitioners can hardly miss some touch point on ethics. As good as ethics are in GIS, is there more? In this webinar, Dr. VanHorn reviews current conversations on ethics in GIScience and offers a nuanced perspective based in a Christian approach to GIS ethics. He explores the intersections of ethics juxtaposed with virtues. He argues that our GIScience efforts should be rooted in a virtue-driven approach, which has implications for justice, land, cities, and citizens.

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