Irene Kraegel on Christian Mindfulness

The Pocket Contemplative

Nov 2021

38 min 57 sec

Irene Kraegel is a pioneer in exploring mindfulness from a Christian perspective. Dave Schmelzer explored some of her insights in the previous The Pocket Contemplative. She joins us in this episode to walk us through how she's arrived at her unique life mission and to offer wise counsel to those of us on a similar journey.Mentioned on this podcast:The Mindful Christian: Cultivating a Life of Intentionality, Openness, and Faith, by Irene Kraegel. Also, check out themindfulchristian.comTo learn more about or join in with an online group with Dave and others: journey-on.netTo join Dave's mailing list for a conversation about big topics about faith and culture: Then click "Join the list."
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