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2 September 20 Manifesto Mike Buma; 3 beads and a picture of a pretty face Annie Anderson; 4 Bradde Travis Blom; 5 Abercrombie Matt Stackowitz; 6 Sanctuary Sar Kontz; 7 Mandy Mitchell; 8 Studies of Light and Shadow Holly VanStaalduinen; 10 Notes on Racism Prof. Bob Butler; 11 gap Ryan Thompson; 12 Marie Ryan Thompson; 13 Ryan Reed; 14 Double Vision Tim Thompson; 15 Focus Anonymous; 16 Ryan Reed; 17 Chicago. November 27, 1999 Holly VanStaalduinen; 18 Kyoto: In the Courtyard of the Temple of the Goddess of Love Prof. James Vanden Bosch;19 Hattori Ryokuchi, July 24, 2000 Prof. James Vanden Bosch; 20 Prescience Nathan Sytsma, Johan de Zoete, T. J. Grant, Patrick Martin; 24 In which she ponders her ways Christy Phillips J. Rowley Kennerk; 27 Composition #1 Matt Stolle; 28 The Squirrel Joel Apple; 30 Suburban Landscapes Paul Birza; 32 Joy Anonymous Dave Van Noord; 38 Jetsmoke Nathan Sytsma; 39 Dave Van Noord; 40 Ben Hoekstra; 41 Dave Van Noord; 42 Preface to a Love Letter Josh Hagedorn; 50 Suburban Landscapes Paul Birza; 52 A homecoming, of sorts Mike Buma; 53 Interview with Myself Josh Hagedo; 54 Book Reviews; 55 Joey's Room Luke Moore; 56 Bridesmaid Bootcamp Anonymous; 58 Middle Road Peter Bratt; 59 Blinky Josh lppel; 62 Pie. # 5 from Reflection Series Justin Van Genderen; 63 T. J . Grant; 65 Justin Van Genderen

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