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06 Jack Van Allsburg, Glory Breathes; 17 Neil Gilbert, The Empty Cage; 26 Alex Westenbroek, The Photo Albums; 38 Benjamin Rietema, Bowling; 50 Julia LaPlaca, When I Was A Child I Spoke Like a Child; 52 Kent Sanders, A Fish in the Freezer; 52 Cassie Westrate, A Note in a High School Year Book; 56 Corrin Baker, June 23rd - Leaving Home;

Visual Art
04 Anna Hanchett, Shoes; 10 Megan McCrary, Untitled; 11 Tanice Mast, Twig/Bill; 14 Kellan Day, Advent; 16 Anna Hanchett, Blood Orange Towels; 21 Maria Smilde, The Pardoner's Tale 2 - Continued on: 45; 22 Jade Acosta, Beef Wellington #1; 23 Joel Bulthuis, TomLigula II; 24 Kendra Kamp, Ostensible; 29 Anna Hanchett, Bread Tiles; 30 Dania Grevengoed, Bone of My Bones Continued on: 32, 34
; 37 Anna Hanchett, Drapery 2; 39 Katherine Nyczak, Untitled; 40 James Li, Phlebas; 42 Teunis Verwijs, Pensive Model; 43 Teunis Verwijs, Incubator for Gen Y; 44 Rachel Kok, Distance; 46 Kelsea Rounds, Series of Anotomical Drawings; 48 Maria Smilde, Ferrous Bueller; 51 Anna Hanchett, Soap Tiles; 52 Steven Zantingh, Triatecht 2; 53 Anna Claire Lambers, February Blues; 54 Rachel Kok, Wendigo; 55 Katherine Nyczak, Untitled; 57 Megan McCrary, Hueco; 58 Rachel Kok, Detail


05 Elena Buis, They Made Us Dance With Boys: A Haiku; 10 Erin Koster, Effigy; 15 Lauren De Haan, Taking Flight, The Cardinal; 20 Karyn Ostrem, Eternal Confusion of the Sleepless Mind; 21 Randy Foreman, Conversation; 25 Kayla VanderPloeg, Invective Against
Swans; 31 Tanice Mast, I Am Not Stupid; 33 Matt Coldagelli, Thermodynamics; 33 Adam Meyer, Paleolithica; 35 Alex Westenbroek, For Ellie; 36 Andy Briggs, At Its Finest; 36 David Noa, Weeping Willow; 40 James Li, A Short Haul from Toronto to Detroit; 42 Josiah Kinney, Emeritorium; 43 Alex Westenbroek, Steam Shower; 43 Ryan Hagerman, House Concert; 44 Kayla VanderPloeg, Nuclear Cupcakes; 45 Lauren De Haan, La Luz de Feria; 48 Matt Coldagelli, Exit, Enter; 48 Ryan Hagerman, A Happy Accident; 53 Andy Briggs, I'm in Love with an Ideal; 54 Connor Schmidt, Confusion; 55 Erin Koster, Sadao Watanabe's The Last Supper; 57 Erin Smith, Bosnian Coffee Set; 59 Kayla VanderPloeg, Senioritis (n.)

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