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Visual Art
5 Stacked & Packed Emma Carpenter; 8 Supine Jacob Bol; 10 past tense Kendra Larsen; 13 Multiplicand Allie Tuit; 14 laundry day Ashley deRamos; 16 Draped Laura De Vries; 19 Hanhok - Beauty of Korea Lynn Park; 20 Collage Grace Einfeld; 22 skin Claire Shigeno Murashima; 25 Fifty-Nine Melanie Berends; 26 Yves Gene Hill; 27 Au Boy Mimi Mutesa; 29 Rene Magritte for Realists Molly J. Vander Werp; 30 growing pains Kendra Larsen; 32 Wild Youth Jacob Bol; 35 Horns Morgan Anderson; 36 Chemical Imbalance Madeline Smit; 40 Landscape Melanie Berends; 42 burdensome McKinley Anderson; 44 Jawbone Gene Hill; 45 Flatboi Emma Carpenter; 46 Pandemonium Madeline Smit; 49 Lollipop Madeleine Wiering; 50 Study of Fragility I & II J. Andrew Gilbert; 52 Lines Hannah Van't Hof; 54 Pure White Arianna Koeman; 57 Drought Anna Van De Griend

Un Long Week-End A Paris Hannah Kaylor; Mannequin Challenge PSA Joe Bae; Profiling Shi'Anna Whitman; MorningTears Kayla Cooper; Dialogue Cristina Beatrice Beers; Peak Smoke Break Pictures
Disquietude Ethan Hohn; Watch online at calvin.edu/dialogue

4 Mo Alejandra Crevier; 6 Twenty First Young Kim; 11 10,000 Years After My Twelfth Birthday Daniel Hickey; 12 A Word, Please Molly J. Vander Werp; 17 your bowl of cherries Gregory Manni; 18 July third order of worship: Connor Bechler; 23 Trading Sins Daniel Hickey; 24 Linoleum Patrick Jonker; 28 cold face warm hands Ethan Hohn; 33 Grrey Matters Molly J. Vander Werp; 34 Tones of the fall(en) Rae Gernant; 38 grief's in all my stories Katrina Jane Haaksma; 43 Inevitably, we look down Gwyneth Findlay; 47 Love is Cacophony Rachel]. House; 48 A Conocer Este Lugar Katie Ulrich; 53 Flash makes negative the night Rae Gernant; 56 what happens to country Patrick Jonker

Sure Disposition Falconeer; Oregon Sleepover; Trees Conner Luymes; Simple Katherine Ryan; Level Ground Ben Cooper; DC Cotter Koopman; Eftsoons Douglas Fir; Joy in the Morning William VanZytveld; Reticent Remains Douglas Fir; Open Hours Falconeer; Download Mixtape 50.1 at calvin.edu/dialogue

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Cotter Koopman




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