Public Virtue, Republican Government, Seperation of Church and State


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Judge McConnell was appointed to the Tenth Circuit by President George W. Bush in 2002, and is widely known for his judicial opinions related to church-state issues.

McConnell attended Michigan State University and the University of Chicago Law School. He clerked for Judge Skelly Wright on the D.C. Circuit and then for Justice William Brennan. Michael W. McConnell joined the faculty at the University of Utah's S.J. Q uinney College of Law (where he continues to teach) in 1997 after serving at the University of Chicago Law School for 12 years. Prior to his teaching career, Professor McConnell served as assistant to the solicitor general with the U.S. Department of Just ice, assistant general counsel for the U.S. Office of Management and Budget, and clerked for Chief Judge J. Skelly Wright, of the District of Columbia U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals. He also served a clerkship with U.S. Supreme Court Justice William J. Brennan. Among the country's most distinguished scholars in the fields of constitutional law and theory with a specialty in the religion clauses of the First Amendment, Professor McConnell has argued 11 times before the U.S. Supreme Court. He is widel y published in the areas of church-state relations and the First Amendment.

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