Download Full Text (1.7 MB)

Download Item 01: Unidentified man with six dead birds (145 KB)

Download Item 02: Lillian, November 1918 (136 KB)

Download Item 03: Unidentified man in a suit (75 KB)

Download Item 04: Unidentified elderly couple (96 KB)

Download Item 05: Kate Ledeboer Van Raalte (208 KB)

Download Item 06: Unidentified boy in sailor’s uniform (106 KB)

Download Item 07: Two unidentified men on a boat with life rings around their necks (51 KB)

Download Item 08: Gilu [?] Bernard Gaddie and one another unidentified child, 189[?] (195 KB)

Download Item 09: Christene in a suit (56 KB)

Download Item 10: Unidentified baby (109 KB)

Download Item 11: Dirk, Dirk’s son, holding a dead bird (139 KB)

Download Item 12: Two sets of unidentified couples and two unidentified children (100 KB)

Download Item 13: Unidentified mother and child (118 KB)

Download Item 14: Unidentified woman by a brick wall (72 KB)

Download Item 15: Three of Van Raalte’s great grandchildren, 1917 (95 KB)

Download Item 16: Albertus Van Raalte [photocopy] (93 KB)

Download Item 17: Two identical pictures of unidentified man in a suit (1.0 MB)

Download Item 18: Portrait of Benjamin Van Raalte in Union uniform (198 KB)

Download Item 19: “Plat of Holland” map (143 KB)

Download Item 20: Allegan County and Holland map, 1849 (132 KB)

Download Item 21: Albertus Van Raalte and P. J. Oggel, his son-in-law (494 KB)

Folder 36: Unidentified pictures and photos of A.C. Van Raalte and family, 1918, undated



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