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Download Item 01: Unidentified courtyard (51 KB)

Download Item 02: Fairbanks home (104 KB)

Download Item 03: Unidentified townscape (54 KB)

Download Item 04: Postcard from Kate Van Raalte, sunset at the beach, May 1910 (175 KB)

Download Item 05: The Van Raalte house (157 KB)

Download Item 06: The Van Raalte house [different angle] (218 KB)

Download Item 07: Van Raalte materials Heritage Hall display (314 KB)

Download Item 08: The Van Raalte house [different angle] (110 KB)

Download Item 09: Photocopied picture of Holland’s log church, 1847-1848 (86 KB)

Download Item 10: The Scott home, note from 1990 (225 KB)

Download Item 11: Inside of Fairbank house (433 KB)

Download Item 12: Photocopied picture of the orphanage (87 KB)

Download Item 13: The Van Raalte house [different angle] (123 KB)

Download Item 14: The Van Raalte house [different angle] (140 KB)

Folder 37: Pictures of Van Raalte house and miscellaneous buildings, undated



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