Download file (897 KB)

Download Item 01: Private financial receipt, December 1870 (418 KB)

Download Item 02: Check from Anna Van Raalte, September 1870 (186 KB)

Download Item 03: Receipt from W. G. Holmes, General Bookseller and Stationer, April 1870 (272 KB)

Download Item 04: Van Raalte and Binnekant financial notes, September 1870 (234 KB)

Download Item 05: Private financial receipt, February 1870 (261 KB)

Download Item 06: Private financial receipt, June 1870 (189 KB)

Download Item 07: Receipt for subscription to the “New York Observer,” March 1871 (170 KB)

Download Item 08: Receipt for subscription to the “New York Observer,” May 1870 (169 KB)

Download Item 09: Receipt from post office, [?] 1870 (171 KB)

Download Item 10: Receipt for subscription to the “Missionary Herald,” September 1870 (212 KB)

Folder 01: Receipts, 1870



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