Download file (3.1 MB)

Download Item 01: Dirk Van Raalte’s military discharge, including physical description, April 1865 (704 KB)

Download Item 02: Appointment of Dirk Van Raalte as hospital steward (551 KB)

Download Item 03: Military pension certificate for loss of right arm (319 KB)

Download Item 04: “Our Bayard” military song lyrics (269 KB)

Download Item 05: Program for “25th Regiment Reunion,” September 1901 (118 KB)

Download Item 06: Rules about election of army department officials, November 1905 (696 KB)

Download Item 07: Various notices from the army department, November 1905 (1.3 MB)

Download Item 08: Unidentified scrawls (167 KB)

Download Item 09: Letter to Hon. Russel A. Alger from J. Kidd and others, January 1906 (459 KB)

Download Item 10: Letter to Hon. Julius C. Burrows from J. Kidd and others, January 1906 (432 KB)

Download Item 11: Pension certificate, October 1885 (326 KB)

Download Item 12: Pension certificate, May 1903 (304 KB)

Download Item 13: “Constitution and By-laws of the Holland Soldiers’ Union” document (599 KB)

Download Item 14: Program for the “Annual Reunion of the Twenty-Fifth Michigan Infantry,” September 1900 (576 KB)

Folder 13: Recognition by the U.S. Army, 1863-1901



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