Naturalism, Nanotechnology, and Our "Post-human" Future: A Reformed Perspective

Charles Adams


Advances in technology at the end of the twentieth century have provoked some scholars to predict a future where humans and computers merge to evolve an immortal, post- human 'life form' that is free and capable of defining its own 'nature.' Others react against such 'brave new world' scenarios with horror at the prospect of 'losing our essential humanity.' What does it mean to be human? What are the limitations and t he potential of technology with respect to shaping our humanity? This lecture will begin to offer answers to those questions by contrasting a Reformed Christian worldview with the worldviews of naturalism and by suggesting how elements of naturalistic wo rldviews have too often corrupted Christian worldviews on science and technology. Charles Adams, Dean of the Natural Sciences and Professor of Engineering, Dordt College; Association of Reformed Institutions of Higher Education (ARIHE) Lecturer, 20 06-2008.