Teaching 'Technical Courses' from a Christian Perspective: A Reformed Approach to Pedagogy

Charles Adams


Christian education in the Reformed tradition claims to bring a distinctive worldview to bear on every subject in the curriculum. Yet Christian teachers struggle to 't each Christianly' in areas such as the natural sciences, mathematics, and technology. How does a Christian teacher avoid the near hypocritical practice of simply 'sprinkling' prayer or a few Bible verses onto an otherwise secularist curriculum or lesson plan in order to call it 'Christian?' This lecture will suggest how teaching (mathematics, natural science, or any subject that might be called “technical”) from a Christian perspective ought to and can be distinguished from the kind of teach ing that occurs in a secular environment. Charles Adams, Dean of the Natural Sciences and Professor of Engineering, Dordt College; Association of Reformed Institutions of Higher Education (ARIHE) Lecturer, 2006-2008.