A Journey in Ministry in Bangladesh


Kohima Daring


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Faith and International Development Conference


Plenary #2 Kohima Daring grew up in Bangladesh, close to the border of India, and comes from a large family of 8 children. She graduated from Jahangirnagar University with an MA in General History and Sociology. Following college, Kohima worked as a trainer for World Vision Bangladesh as well as a research assistant for Dr. Robbins Burlling, a linguist from the University of Michigan. From 1989 to 1994, Kohima worked in Soshika, a CRWRC partner. Since 1995, Kohima has worked full time for CRWRC International as a Development Consultant. Kohima serves on the International Board of SIL (Summer Institute of Linguistics); she especially appreciates being a part of this board as she has a particular interest in language. For hobbies, Kohima loves gardening and writing stories. She has written a small book of Garo language folk stories and is now currently working on Bible Stories in Garo.

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