Intelligent Design: Why it should NOT be Taught in HS Biology Class...and how to Debunk "Science = Atheism"


Robert Russell


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Seminars at Calvin


In his lecture, Dr. Russell will argue that Intelligent Design (ID) is either interventionist theology or standard evolutionary biology. If the former, it should not be taught in public high school biology courses. If the latter it is not an alternative to standard evolutionary biology and teaching it in public high school courses would be redundant. He will also discuss the socio-political agenda supporting ID at the Discovery Institute. He will unpack the claim often made in support of ID that standard evolutionary biology is inherently atheistic. Instead he will argue that the natural sciences are based on methodological naturalism, he will offer several reasons why methodological natural ism doesn't necessarily lead to metaphysical naturalism (atheism) and how it is actually rooted in the Christian doctrine of creation ex nihilo (out of nothing). He will list a variety of scientists and theologians who have developed a robust Christian i nterpretation of evolutionary biology known generally as "theistic evolution." Hence even if some voices claim that science supports atheism, it actually presupposes a theistic view of nature and should be welcomed by Christians as a way of und erstanding nature as God's creation.

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