Toward A Shared Preaching Life


David Davis


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Fall Preaching Conference


This day-long conference explored the corporate nature of the preaching event. While in most cases just one person stands to preach, preaching still belongs to the whole church. Preaching is to be understood as an ongoing conversation. Preachers never have the first word nor the last word. Though one person speaks, the voice of the listener shares in the construction of meaning. As the preaching ev ent is placed within a more complex understanding of communication, conference participants will be invited to ponder why preaching every week can make preaching easier, the nature of the relationship of preaching to the liturgy and sacrame nts, and also the multiple dialogues that contribute to the experience of any one sermon. This conference explored some well-known topics in preaching such as sermon form, the use of illustration, the importance of language, and narrativ e preaching. All these are considered in the light of the voice of the listener.

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