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Oorsprong der School / Reverend J. Noordewier -- The history of the development of the theological school / Reverend G. D. DeJong -- A history of Calvin College 1894-1926 / Dan Albertus J. Rooks -- Memorial articles on pioneer teachers and deceased faculty members / Reverend W. D. Vanderwerp -- Our ministry of yesteryears / Dr. Henry Beets -- Our school's reason for existence and the preservation thereof / Professor Louis Berkhof -- The school and Christian education / Professor J. G. Vanden Bosch -- The school and our social task / Reverend I. Van Dellen -- The school and missions / Reverend John Dolfin -- Our school and American life / Dr. Clarence Bouma -- The ideals of the theological school and Calvin College / Dr. Samuel Volbeda -- The school and the alumni / Reverend D. H. Muyskens -- Bibliography of writings of alumni / Professor R. Stob.

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