The Future of Education


Sajan George


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As a turnaround specialist, Mr. George has uniquely applied his turnaround skills to our nation’s struggling public education system. Sajan’s particular focus and passion has been to realize the dream that all students, regardless of background, can learn and succeed in American society. He works alongside the nation’s governors, state superintendents, mayors, chancellors and school superintendents as well as two of the largest education philanthropic investors, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and the Eli & Edythe Broad Foundation. Dissatisfied by the status quo in public education in this country, he has worked at restructuring some of the lar gest K-12 and higher education institutions in the country including two of the nation’s most complex urban school systems in New York City and Washington, DC as well as the New Orleans Parish Schools in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina and most recently the State Departments of Education in Indiana, New Mexico and Arkansas. He is currently leading a team in Detroit to manage the city’s K-12 special education department.

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