Submissions from 2021


Politics Under Noah's Rainbow: David Vandrunen's Contribution to Reformed Political theology, Matthew J. Tuininga

Submissions from 2020


The Pandemic and Homiletics 101: a Reflection, Scott Hoezee


Abraham Kuyper and the Social Order: Principles for Christian Liberalism., Matthew J. Tuininga

Submissions from 2019


"There He Built an Altar to the Lord" (Gen 12:8) City and Altar Building in Genesis, Arie C. Leder


Neither Libertarian Nor Compatibilist, Richard A. Muller

The ‘Great Conservative Power’: James Henley Thornwell and the Gospel of Southern Conservatism., Matthew J. Tuininga

Submissions from 2018


Review of Jaco Hamman’s Becoming a Pastor: Forming Self and Soul For Ministry, Revised and Updated Edition, Danjuma Gibson


When Empathy Is Not Enough: a Reflection On the Self-Experience of Black Boys in Public Spaces, Danjuma Gibson


Impact Amid Absence: the Synod of Dordt and the French Huguenots., Karin Maag

Joseph Hall (1574-1656): Toward Peace in the Church and a Reformed Via Media, Richard A. Muller

The Latent Pluralism of Calvin’s Political Theology., Matthew J. Tuininga

Politics and the Kingdom of God: John Calvin's Theology of Christian Public Engagement, Matthew J. Tuininga and Kevin den Dulk


Brown Bodies, Starbucks, and the Gospel, Geoff Vandermolen


Navigating Leadership Transitions in the Church, Geoff Vandermolen

Submissions from 2017


Review of Harvey Cox's 'The Market as God.', John Bolt

Submissions from 2016

Directions in the Study of Early Modern Reformed Thought, Richard A. Muller


'Because of Your Hardness of Heart': Calvin and the Limits of Law, Matthew J. Tuininga

Submissions from 2015

Key Word Meditations, Amanda W. Benckhuysen


Trauma of the Heart: Augmenting the Family Paradigm to Stem the Spread of HIV/AIDS and to Facilitate Healing and Recovery in the Wake of HIV/AIDS, Gibson Danjuma

‘Planting and Harvesting’ Godly Sincerity: Pastoral Wisdom in the Practice of Public Worship, Witvliet D. John

Submissions from 2013

Abraham Kuyper, John Bolt

Created For Everlasting Life: Can theistic Evolution Provide an Adequate Christian Account of Human Nature?, John W. Cooper

Philip Doddridge and the Formulation of Calvinistic theology in an Era of Rationalism and Deconfessionalization, Richard A. Muller

Submissions from 2012


Review of Anthony B. Bradley's 'The Political Economy of Liberation: Thomas Sowell and James Cone on the Black Experience.', John Bolt


Hope-Filled Sanctification: A Reformed Appropriation of the Theological Virtue of Hope, Vanden Berg L. Mary


'Peace and Security' (1 Thess 5.3): Prophetic Warning Or Political Propaganda?, Jeffrey A. D. Weima

Submissions from 2011

Historical Narrative and Wisdom. towards Preaching Esther "For Such a Time as This", Arie C. Leder

Reception and Response Referencing and Understanding Calvin in Seventeenth-Century Calvinism, Richard A. Muller

The Reception of Calvin in Later Reformed Eology: Concluding Oughts, Richard A. Muller

Submissions from 2010

The Unity of the Church and the Pure Administration of the Sacraments, Lyle D. Bierma


Herman Bavinck's Contribution to Christian Social Consciousness., John Bolt

The Desert Itinerary Notices of Exodus: their Narrative, Semiotic, and theological Functions, Arie C. Leder

Submissions from 2008


Ursinus, the Heidelberg Catechism and the Augsburg Confession., Bierma Lyle

Submissions from 2007

Relinquishment As a Critica Variable in the Treatment of Adoptees, Ronald J. Nydam

Redemptive Suffering: Christ's Alone, Mary VandenBerg

Submissions from 2004


Christian Obligations: 'The Poor You Will Always Have with You.', John Bolt

John Calvin and Later Calvinism: the Identity of the Reformed Tradition, Richard A. Muller

Submissions from 2002

Signs of the Kingdom and Christian Higher Education: a Series of Devotional Meditations, James A. De Jong

Submissions from 2000


'But We Became Infants Among You': the Case For Νηπιοι in 1 thess 2.7, Jeffrey A. D. Weima

Submissions from 1998


Abraham Kuyper and the Holland-America Line of Liberty., John Bolt

An Apology For the Apologetic Function of 1 Thessalonians 2.1-12, Jeffrey A. D. Weima

Submissions from 1993

Not the Way It's S'pposed to Be: a Breviary of Sin, Cornelius Plantinga