The Reception of Calvin in Later Reformed Eology: Concluding Oughts

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Church History and Religious Culture


The following essay surveys and reflects on the conference as a whole. It identifies a series of significant developments in the study of later Reformed thought, notably a series of ways in which scholarship has moved beyond the dead-ends of older approaches such as the notorious Calvin against the Calvinists school of thought. Among other points, the issue of continuity and discontinuity in the history of Protestant thought has received considerable nuance, the diversity and variety of Reformed thought is identified both in the Reformation roots of issues and in the later developments, and the questions of the relationship of Calvin to the Reformed tradition and of the reception of his thought by later generations are reviewed. The conference, therefore, confirms the recent work of reassessing the development of Calvinism and points toward significant areas for future research. © 2011 Koninklijke Brill NV, Leiden.

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