“He began to teach . . .” is the simple, understated line with which Matthew opens one of the most remarkable sections in the entire Bible: The Sermon on the Mount. From the lyric beauty of the Beatitudes to stunning teachings on prayer and kingdom living, Matthew 5-7 contain the cherished words of Jesus that have shaped Christian practice and reflection across the sweep of church history. At our Symposium 2013 worship services we will reflect on these chapters through music, art, and preaching, celebrating the goodness and grace of God as it emerges from these ancient, yet always fresh, verses from the holy Gospel of Jesus Christ the Lord.

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Beatitudes: Matthew 5:1-12

Marva Dawn, Regent College
Cornelius Plantinga Jr., Calvin Institute of Christian Worship
Kathy Smith, Calvin Institute of Christian Worship
John Ferguson, St. Olaf College
Julia Start Fletcher, Millbrook Christian Reformed Church

Worship service based on Matthew 5:1-12 with Marva Dawn preaching.

Blessed Are the Persecuted: Worshiping in Solidarity with the Persecuted Church

Sandra Maria Van Opstal, Grace and Peace Church
Jean Ngoya Kidula, University of Georgia-Athens
Brian Schrag, Summer Institute of Linguistics International
Debbie Lou Ludolph, Waterloo Lutheran Seminary
Carolien Tantra
Eric Sarwar, Tehillim School of Church Music and Worship
David M. Bailey, Arrabon
Paul Neeley, International Council of Ethnodoxologists
Josh Davis, Proskuneo Ministries
Robin Harris, International Council of Ethnodoxologists

Closing Communion Service: The Giving of Good Gifts

Scott Hoezee, Calvin Theological Seminary

Dramatic Presentation of The Sermon on the Mount

Randall Buursma, First Christian Reformed Church

led by Randy Buursma and drama team from First Christian Reformed Church

Forgiveness: Matthew 5:38-38

Carolyn Gordon
Paul Thé
Ben Dykhouse
Randall Buursma, First Christian Reformed Church
Todd Farley

In Christ There Is No East or West

Jaewoo Kim, Korean Glocal Worship Network
Kit Ying Law
I-to Loh, Southeast Asia Graduate School of Theology
Swee Hong Lim, Emmanuel College
Joel Navarro, Singapore Bible College's School of Church Music
Kai Ton Chau, Calvin Institute of Christian Worship

In Christ There is No East or West”, with Kit Ying Law (Hong Kong), I-to Loh (Taiwan), Swee Hong Lim (Singapore), and Joel Navarro (Philippines), and the choir of Kuyper College, Kai Ton Chau, director (Thursday only)

Lord's Prayer: Matthew 6:9-13

Kenneth E. Bailey, Ecumenical Institute

Not to Worry: Matt. 6:25-34

Luke A. Powery, Duke University

Salt and Light: Matthew 5:13-16

Greg Thompson
Nate Glasper Jr, Calvin University
Paul Ryan, Calvin University

Taizé Vespers

Brad Berglund, Illuminated Journeys

Ten Beatitudes and Ten Commandments

Randall Engle, North Hills Christian Reformed Church
Murial Van Dijke

led by Randall Engle, organist, with Muriel Van Dijke, liturgist

Vespers with Korean Spirituality and Style of Worship

Jaewoo Kim, Korean Glocal Worship Network

led by Jaewoo Kim and musicians