For over 35 years, the Calvin Symposium on Worship has annually gathered together worshipers from many Christian traditions across Canada, the US, and beyond, bringing together people from a variety of roles in worship and leadership, including pastors, worship planners and leaders, musicians, scholars, students, worship bands and teams, organists, visual artists, preachers, chaplains, missionaries, liturgists, council and session leaders, and more. Cosponsored by the Calvin Institute of Christian Worship and the Center for Excellence in Preaching at Calvin University and Calvin Theological Seminary, the Symposium aims to encourage leaders in churches and worshiping communities of all sizes and settings.

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A Requiem for the Victims of War

Carlos Colón, Baylor University
Choral Scholars

Sung by the Choral Scholars, written especially for the victims of the civil war in El Salvador, but a lament for all victims of war.

Closing Communion Service

Jon Brown

Exodus 40, Jon Brown, preaching, with participation by the conference choir

Everlasting to Everlasting: A Cantata for Congregation

Cornelius Plantinga Jr., Calvin Theological Seminary
Greg Scheer, Church of the Servant

A vesper service based on the Hallel Psalms, composed by Greg Scheer. Performed by Greg Scheer and friends, with Neal Plantinga, liturgist.

God of Grace and God of Glory: An Exodus Triptych

Sandra Bowden
Bruce Benedict, Cardiphonia
Ruth Duck
John Ferguson, St. Olaf College
Andy Park, Vineyard Fellowhip
Latifah Phillips
Eric Sarwar, Tehillim School of Church Music and Worship
André Thomas
David Reimer
John Varineau

Jazz Vesper Service

Jonathan Gilley, Holy Trinity Church
Tom Jennings, Redeemer Presbyterian Church
Fred Knapp, Fred Knapp Trio
Julia Smith, Calvin College

Vesper service led by Tom Jennings, liturgist and pianist, with Julia Smith, vocals, Jonathan Gilley, bass, and Fred Knapp, percussion.

Singing our Prayers with the Global Community

Debbie Lou Ludolph, Waterloo Lutheran Seminary

A vesper service with Debbie Lou Ludolph and Inshallah, the global song ensemble from Waterloo Lutheran Seminary

Water from the Rock

Sue Rozenboom, Western Theological Seminary
Travis West, Western Theological Seminary

Worship led by Latifah Phillips of Page CXVI

Latifah Phillips

Spend a late afternoon of worship with Latifah Phillips, singing hymns, hearing stories, and getting a sneak peek of the new hymns from the upcoming Calendar Project.

Worship Service on Exodus 32

Michael Nabors