Starting in 1991 as Calvin Forum, Inner Compass (2000-2013) sought to provide refreshingly candid conversations with articulate people who have thought broadly and deeply about issues that matter. It served as a venue to allow for the exploration of how people use faith and ethics to guide them through the critical issues of the day and was "unafraid of wide territory, knowing everything belongs to God." The program was a public service to the community and Calvin's constituents and guided viewers through ethical decisions as Inner Compass promoted a belief in the absolutes of right and wrong while using one's conscience and having the openness to challenge one another on ethical judgments. Starting as a public access program, Inner Compass moved to WGVU, a local PBS affiliate, where it was aired nationally for 15 years, eventually being syndicated on about 60 PBS stations. It was the only public television series in the country offered by a Christian College.