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Inconsistencies regarding the nature of globular cluster (GC) multiple population radial distributions is a matter for concern given their role in testing or validating cluster dynamical evolution modeling. In this study, we present a reanalysis of eight GC radial distributions using publicly available ground-based ugriz and UBVRI photometry; correcting for a systematic error identified in the literature. We detail the need for including and considering not only Kolmogorov-Smirnov (K-S) probabilities but critical K-S statistic values as well when drawing conclusions from radial distributions, as well as the impact of sample incompleteness. Revised cumulative radial distributions are presented, and the literature of each cluster is reviewed to provide a fuller picture of our results. We find that many multiple populations are not as segregated as once thought, and that there is a pressing need for better understanding of the spatial distributions of multiple populations in GCs.


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