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05 Jake Schepers, Tug; 11 Michael Kelly, A Sonnet for Me and
Mine; 15 Davis Dryer, The Zilwaukee Bridge, I Thought I Knew; 16 Sharon Piwang, Poetry Jam Uncensored-MS DO; 33 Abby Koning, Panopticon; 35 Jake Schepers, This American Life; 39 Hannah Meijers, Watching Crocodiles; 41 Caroline Higgins, Birds and Banjos, Skinny (Like Long Island); 42 Hannah Meijers, That Moment; 42 Katerina Parsons, Chicken Not to Tell Me; 43 Andrew Knot, Subway; 43 Ryan Hagerman, A Show for Me; 44 Colleen Keehl, Phenomenology; 45 Daniel Camacho, American Soul; 46 Andrew McCleland, The Nameless Picker; 47 Michelle Ratering, Flight Patterns of the Acer Saccharum; 47 Katie Van Zanen, Everything; 48 Justin Majetich, Family Portait, (Armillaria Ostoyae); 49 Megan Meulink, Drive Out the
Night; 52 Andrew Szobody, Shadow Studies; 54 Leah Sienkowski, Maps and Lines, Snake Grass; 55 Michelle Jokisch, Scattered Objects and Seams; 56 Ae Hee Lee, Curiosity Killed the Cat; 57 Elizabeth Steiner, I Didn't Sleep

06 Katerina Parsons, The Last Painting; 12 Katie Van Zanen, The Locket; 34 Thomas Campbell, Last Days With God; 36 Sarah Vander Molen, Brain Tumors; 40 Eden McCune, Gdye Maya Lubimaya; 50 Jamie Lesk, Etude

Visual Art
17 Katryn Shick, Untitled; 18 Grace Ghent, Untitled; 19 Grace Ghent, Untitled; 20 Andrew Fisher, Ambiguity; 21 Ann Parkin, Shroom; 22 Samantha Vanderberg, Untitled; 23 Brittany Beezhold, Untitled; 24 Hope Velthouse, Untitled; 26 Annette Brouwer, Mirme II; 27 Joanna Bayliss, Cling to; 28 Anna Hanchett, 0% Dutch Blood Runs Through My Veins; 29 Lauren Nagle, Metals; 30 Hannah Abma, Untitled; 31 Sheila Morken, Red Lighthouse

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Patrick Hekman

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Andrew Fisher




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