The annual Paul B. Henry Lecture brings a prominent Christian political practitioner to Calvin to speak about the interplay of religion and politics. The event is intended to inspire the college and the community to actively seek to integrate a Christian worldview with practical politics and public life. Over the past eighteen years, the lecture has featured individuals from both political parties, speakers from liberal and conservative viewpoints, scholars who have examined current political issues and questions, and prominent leaders of non-profit organizations actively working in the public policy arena.


Submissions from 2019


Faith, Democracy, and the Media, Michael McCurry, Elizabeth Dias, Emma Green, Amy Sullivan, and Ken Woodward

Submissions from 2018


The 'Conscience of the State': Religion's Role as an Independent Check on Governmnet, Melissa Rogers

Submissions from 2017


Before the End of Time: Religion and Politics in this Messy, Broken Age, Ben Sasse

Submissions from 2015


The Future of American Christianity: The Christian Crisis of the 20th Century and Its Implications for the 21st, Ross Douthat

Submissions from 2014


Approaching the Ledge: Why We Must Risk our Faith in Order to Save It, Joshua DuBois

Submissions from 2013


What Does the Lord Require? The Grounds for Christian Civility in Politics, Corwin Smidt

Submissions from 2012

Paul Henry: Reflections on His Life and Services, Beth Bandstra Decker

Submissions from 2011

American Grace: How Religion Divides and Unites Us, David Campbell

Submissions from 2010


Tensions at the Crossroads of Religion and Politics, Michael Gerson

Submissions from 2009


No Final Victories, No Final Defeats: Doing Our Duty While Living in Exile, Michael Coromartie

Submissions from 2008


Religious Tolerance: Love your Neighbor, Dean Koldenhoven

Submissions from 2006

Spiritual Public Theology: Advancing Abraham Kuyper's Legacy, Vincent Bacote

Public Virtue, Republican Government, Seperation of Church and State, Michael McConnel

Submissions from 2005

Forging a Faithful Consensus: The Future of Public-Private Partnerships Involving Community-Serving Religious Organizations, John Dilulio

Submissions from 2004


State of the World as Seen Through the Eyes of the Church, Robert Edgar


Freeing God's Children: The Unlikely Alliance for Global Human Rights, Allen Hertzke

Submissions from 2003

Faith & the Public Arena, Tim Goeglein

Real Challenges: Faith in the Public Arena, Tim Goeglein

Submissions from 2002


Myths, Lies, and Soundbites: Reaction to President Bush's Faith-Based Initiative, Stephen Monsma

Submissions from 2001


Tensions at the Crossroads of Religion and Politics, Michael Gerson


Faith in Politics, Paul Hillegonds

Submissions from 2000

Struggling Toward the 'Beloved Community' [audio], John Lewis


Struggling Toward the 'Beloved Community' [video], John Lewis

Submissions from 1999

Compassionate Conservatism: Oxymoron or Opportunity [audio], Dan Coats

Compassionate Conservatism: Oxymoron or Opportunity [video], Dan Coats

Submissions from 1998


Christianity and Politics: A Personal Reflection, Paul Simon

Submissions from 1997

Paul B. Henry Institute Inaugural Address, Mark O. Hatfield