Submissions from 2024

Homecoming Queen Kickoff, Carl De Kuiper


Honors Convocation 2024, Gregory Elzinga, Mary Hulst, Noah Toly, Katherine Van Liere, Annalise Holcomb, Visakuo Tsurho, and Jesse McCurdy

The Janssen Case, David Holwerda


Calvin University Commencement: Embracing the Future After Commencement-Developing Practices to Combat Fear, Arlene Hoogewerf

Human Act of Forgiveness, The; How Can I?, Lewis Smedes

The Human Act of Forgiveness: Whom Should I?, Lewis Smedes

Biblical Typology: Yesterday and Today, John Stek

Dr. Abraham Kuypers's Conception of the Church, Henry Zwaanstra

Submissions from 2023


Calvin University Commencement: Be God's Instrument of Change, Akinwumi Adesina


Honors Convocation 2023, Wiebe Boer, Noah Toly, Emily Helder, Nathan Anderson, Eleanor Lee, Craig Hanson, and Abigail Ham


Opening Convocation 2024, Wiebe Boer, Noah Toly, Irene Kraegel, Adejoke Ayoola, Bear de Boo, Jesús Delgado, and Mary Hulst

Submissions from 2022


Calvin University Commencement: Be My Witnesses: Heroes or Saints?, Michael K. Le Roy


Honors Convocation 2022, Michael Le Roy, Noah Toly, Carolyn Anderson, Bryce Bundens, Gary Schmidt, Tiffany Kajiwara, and Lauren Henderson


Opening Convocation: Educational Framework, Nain Miranda, Amber Warners, Sean Sword, and Eric Washington

Submissions from 2021


Opening Convocation: Humility First, Second, and Third, Michael K. Le Roy


Honors Convocation 2021, Karie Riddle, Juliana Knot, Kumar Sinniah, Abena Oduro, Tuba Jaherun, and Ethan J. Houskamp


Calvin University Commencement: High Calling Work, Bill Robinson

Submissions from 2020


Opening Convocation: Destination-Love and Good Deeds, Michael K. Le Roy


Calvin University Commencement: Asking a Better Question, Bill Robinson

Submissions from 2019


Calvin College Commencement: Lessons from the Nest, Gayle Ermer


Opening Convocation: The Next Chapter, Michael K. Le Roy

Submissions from 2018


Opening Convocation: While You Walk Along, Michael K. Le Roy


Calvin College Commencement: I Have Set Before You an Open Door, John Ortberg

Submissions from 2017


Calvin College Commencement: Gratitude-From our Little Selves to a Larger World, Bryan J. Dik


Opening Convocation: Christ's Agents of Renewal Reflecting God's Glory, Michael K. Le Roy

Submissions from 2016


Opening Convocation: Discernment in a Disrupted Age, Michael K. Le Roy


Calvin College Commencement: In on the Miracle, Jane Zwart

Submissions from 2015


Calvin College Commencement: 115 Things, Mark Labberton


Opening Convocation: How Can We Know the Way?, Michael K. Le Roy

Submissions from 2014


Calvin College Commencement: The Memory in the Seed, Claudia Beversluis


Opening Convocation 2014, Michael K. Le Roy

Submissions from 2013


Opening Convocation: Honor God in Our Learning, Michael K. Le Roy


Calvin College Commencement: Investing in the Future, Kumar Sinniah

Submissions from 2012


Regathering: Across a Life and Around the World, Gaylen Byker

Byker Farewell: God's Grace and Gratitude, Calvin College


Opening Convocation: Truth and Grace, Michael K. Le Roy


Calvin College Commencement: Whatever You Get-Get Wisdom, Cornelius Plantinga Jr.

Submissions from 2011

Abraham Kuyper and Race: A New Look, James Bratt


Opening Convocation: Near to God-To Trust and Obey, Gaylen Byker


Calvin College Commencement: One Thing Needful, Jennifer Holberg


Regathering: Was, Is, and Will Be, Mary Hulst, Luke Adams, David Hoekema, Alison Tuuk, and Kaitlin Diemer

Honors Convocation 2011, Benita Wolters-Fredlund

Submissions from 2010

Honors Convocation 2010, Curt Blankespoor and Emma Slager

Covenant Fine Arts Center Dedication, Calvin College

Life with the National Forests: Work Worth Doing, Joel Holtrop and Jessica Holtrop


Opening Convocation: Yes! And..., Mary Hulst

Covenant Fine Arts Center Dedication, Mary Hulst and Gaylen Byker


Regathering: Provide a Cup of Water, Mike Mantel


Calvin College Commencement: What It's All About, Richard J. Mouw

Submissions from 2009


Calvin College Commencement: Athletes of the Faith, Ken Bratt

Honors Convocation: Fix Your Eyes On…, Crystal Bruxvoort and Corey Velgersdyk

Venema Aquatic Center Opening, Gaylen Byker

Venema Aquatic Center Opening Part 2, Gaylen Byker

Chaplain Installation: Mary Hulst, Mary Hulst


Opening Convocation: Calvin Peanut Butter Cups, Mary Hulst

Spoelhof Fieldhouse Complex Press Conference, Nancy Meyer and Gaylen Byker

Regathering: The Church-God Does Global, Setri Nyomi

John Calvin 500th Birthday: NPR Interview, Guy Raz and Karin Maag

Submissions from 2008

Honors Convocation 2008, Bruce Berglund and Karen Kaashoek

Opening Convocation: The Psalms-Near to God to Trust and Obey, Gaylen Byker

Regathering: Climate Change & The Global Poor, Elaine Storkey

Tenabrae Service, Unknown

Submissions from 2007

Honors Convocation 2007, Karen Saupe and Ryan Cruise

Submissions from 2006

Provost Commissioning, Calvin College

Submissions from 2005

So, You Wanna Be a Soldier? American Indian Warrior Tradition in the U.S. Military, Kimberly R. Huyser

Submissions from 2004

Opening Convocation: Academia Coram Deo, Gaylen Byker

Bunker Interpretive Center Dedication, Calvin College

Regathering: To the End of the Earth, Richard J. Mouw

Submissions from 2003

Opening Convocation: Intellectual Courage, Gaylen Byker

ROTC Commissioning Service, Joseph Ku

Calvin College Commencement: A Road Map for Life, John M. Perkins

1953 Reunion Service and Medallion Ceremony, Various

Senior Celebration Service, Various

Paul's Call on the Damascus Road: Galatians 1:10-17, N.T. Wright

Submissions from 2002

An Invitation to Study Theology, Ronald J. Feenstra

Opening Convocation: Celebrating the New Year-Habits of Reflection, Cornelius Plantinga Jr.

Morning Prayers, John Stott

Honors Convocation: Meaning to Measure, Matthew Walhout

Submissions from 2001

Pastoral Imagination in the School of Christ, John Bolt

Heritage Reunion, Calvin College

125 Years at Calvin Theological Seminary--The Students, James A. DeJong

125 Years at Calvin Theological Seminary--The Faculty, Richard (Dick) Harms

Worship Service-All Praise and Thanks to God, Cornelius Plantinga Jr.

Calvin College Commencement: 2001, Wiliam H. Rehnquist

Honors Convocation 2001, Laura Smit and Joe Lapp

How Calvin Fathered the Renaissance in Christian Philosophy, Nicholas Wolterstorff

125 Years at Calvin Theological Seminary--Impact on the Christian Reformed Church and the World, Henry Zwaanstra

Submissions from 2000

Academic Freedom and Christian Scholarship, Anthony J. Diekema, Edward E. Ericson, Hessel Bouma III, Claudia Beversluis, and Lee Hardy

Honors Convocation 2000, Larry Louters

Calvin College Commencement: 2000, Alvin Plantinga

Opening Convocation: On Truthfulness as a Vocation, Cornelius Plantinga Jr.

Submissions from 1999

Honors Convocation 1999, Joy Bonnema and Aaron Genzink

Opening Convocation: Duty-A Light to Guide, a Rod to Check, Dale Cooper, Cornelius Plantinga Jr., and Gaylen Byker

Calvin College Commencement: 1999, Gloria Goris Strinks

Submissions from 1998

Opening Convocation: Intellectual Love, Cornelius Plantinga Jr.

Calvin College Commencement: 1998, Lewis Smedes

Our Daily Bread, Uko Zylstra

Submissions from 1997

Honors Convocation 1997, Henry J. Baron

Calvin College Commencement: Beyond Survival, Wallace H. Bratt

Submissions from 1996

Calvin College Commencement: 1996, Roberta Green Ahmanson