For over 35 years, the Calvin Symposium on Worship has annually gathered together worshipers from many Christian traditions across Canada, the US, and beyond, bringing together people from a variety of roles in worship and leadership, including pastors, worship planners and leaders, musicians, scholars, students, worship bands and teams, organists, visual artists, preachers, chaplains, missionaries, liturgists, council and session leaders, and more. Cosponsored by the Calvin Institute of Christian Worship and the Center for Excellence in Preaching at Calvin University and Calvin Theological Seminary, the Symposium aims to encourage leaders in churches and worshiping communities of all sizes and settings.

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Lectures and Seminars - The Third Calvin College Symposium on Worship and Church Music

Mailer for the schedule of the third Annual Symposium on Worship.

O God, Our Help in Ages Past: A Festival of Hymns for Epiphany

Gerre Hancock, Saint Thomas Church Fifth Avenue
Merle R. Mustert, Calvin College

The form of liturgy, that is, how the elements of worship are ordered, can contribute significant meaning to our worship. The form of this evening's hymn festival challenges us to grow in our understanding of God as we celebrate the truths of Epiphany through scripture and song. In preparation for worship, consider the meaning suggested by the form of this evening's liturgy.

This week marks the first week of Epiphany–the season of the Church Year in which we celebrate Christ's manifestation to the entire world. But the incarnation of Christ is only one of several manifestations of God to us. Tonight we sing of the epiphanies of our God throughout all of redemptive history. For our God is a God of time, our help in all ages.

The lessons come from the eloquent pen of the prophet Isaiah. The poignancy of these poetic texts captures the profound mystery of God's revelations to us. The beauty of these texts, now illuminated by the finest of Christian hymns, inspire the truest epiphanic joy. Let all people praise Him at His appearing!

Prince of Peace, Control my Will, He Understands; He'll Say, "Well Done," and Send Me, Jesus (Thuma Mina)

A handout for the hymn festival associated with the third Annual Symposium on Worship, with lyrics for the worship songs sung during it.

Program - The Third Calvin College Symposium on Worship and Church Music

A mailer for the third Annual Symposium on Worship, which includes a full event schedule and biographies of primary presenters.

Worship for Epiphany

Donald Macleod, Free Church College
Randall D. Engle, Calvary CRC
James Litton, American Boychoir
Lynda Hasseler Wynbeck, St. Cecilia Singers

The handout for the concluding service of the Third Calvin College Symposium on Worship and Church Music.