Submissions from 2012

Abraham Kuyper, Pope Leo XIII and the ACLU Consider Faith-Based Organizations' Religious Freedom Rights, Stephen Monsma

Submissions from 2011

Herman Dooyeweerd: Christian Philosopher of State and Civil Society, Jonathan Chaplin

Who's Sanctioning Whom? The Continuing Evolution of the Federal Faith-Based Initiative, Douglas L. Koopman

Globalization: Seeking to Reconcile Theological and Economic Perspectives, John Tiemstra

Submissions from 2010

God and Government: Abraham Kuyper, Pope Leo XIII, and George W. Bush Confront the Social Question, Lewis Daly

The Causes and Consequences of Religious Minority Repression in Muslim Countries, Ani Sarkissian

Submissions from 2009

Transformation in Jesus, Tamrat Layne

God and Race in American Politics, Mark A. Noll

World Christianity and American Christianity: What About the Future?, Mark A. Noll

The Disappearing God Gap? Religion and the 2008 Presidential Election, Corwin Smidt

Submissions from 2008

Thinking Christianly - Voting Secularly? How to Vote in November (2028), Jonathan Chaplin

The Papal Revolution, Conscience, and the Rule of Law, Bruce Frohnen

Through a Glass Darkly: Politics and the Problem of Knowledge in Calvin's Thought, Matthew Sitman

Submissions from 2007

Islamic Fundamentalism and Secularization, Mona Abousenna

Doing Good in the World: How Congregations Make a Difference, Nancy Ammerman

Practicing Repentance: Christian Politics after Arrogance, Douglas L. Koopman

Submissions from 2006

Democratization: African Female Political Behavior in Islam and Christianity, Virginia Beard

Road Rage on the Way to Heaven: Religious Resurgence and Rising Religious Conflict, Gary Bouma

Orthodoxy, Islam and Religious Intolerance in Russia, Vyacheslav Karpov

Renewing American Culture: The Pursuit of Happiness, Theodore Malloch

Submissions from 2005

Can There be a "Christian Politics" Today?, Garrett Paul

Jesus' Politics, Alan Storkey

Submissions from 2004

Between Fundamentalism and Secularization: Church-State Relations in Orthodox Post-Communist Romania, Silviu Rogobete

Followers of Jesus, Doers of Justice, Gerald VandeZande

Followers of Jesus, Doers of Justice Part 2, Gerald VandeZande

Submissions from 2003

Christian Peacemaking in the Middle East:Healing the Dysfunctional Family of Abraham, Jerry Levin

Submissions from 1997

Apostles of Common Grace, J. Budziszewski